Monthly Archives: May 2012

Welcome to the NEW Fenway Properties website!

Hello Friends, Clients, and Neighbors,

So much has been happening recently at Fenway Properties. First of all, we just officially changed our company name to Fenway Properties! We had been operating as Boston Choice Properties since 1998! We felt that since our office is the only full-service real estate office and property management services in the West Fenway, why not brag about what we do in our company name?

While we still service the entire greater Boston and Brookline area, we have found that much of our business is located right near our office at 125 Jersey St. The Fenway, Longwood Medical, and Kenmore neighborhoods are no longer the ugly stepchild of the Back Bay and Brookline! Quite the contrary in fact!. Our neighborhood has blossomed almost overnight into one of the most vibrant, exciting, diverse, and culturally interesting neighborhoods in the city! And the best is yet to come. Over the next several years, the West Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood will have over $4.5 billion (yes, billion) invested in it by public and private sources that will greatly expand the neighborhoods already impressive array of hospitals,

educational institutions, retail, hotels, restaurants, shopping, parks and open spaces! Keep your eyes open it's all going to happen very quickly.

And thank you for visiting our

brand-new website! I hope you like the look and feel of it as we put a lot of work into it over the past six months. Please let us know what you think. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We are making a concentrated effort to keep the site fresh, up-to-date, easy to navigate, and informative. We hope you visit our site often to stay informed of all the latest news and developments in the neighborhood, as well as to educate yourself by reading our real estate related articles. This blog will focus on the current prices and trends in the sales and rental market as well as any new laws or events that may affect our readers. We look forward on your replies back to our blogs so we can engage in lively conversation and learn what's important to you. Oh yes, please stop into our newly remodeled offices at 125 Jersey St. and say hello neighbor!