stock-photo-27392105-business-consultingLOOKING FOR A FASCINATING CAREER IN REAL ESTATE? 

We are opening our 2nd office and are looking for a a few highly motivated agents to add to our small team of highly successful sales and rentals agents. We need a couple of eager agents who are looking to earn a great living while working in a hip office with great people!

DO NOT be fooled by the false promises made by so many of the other real estate agencies advertising for agents. They boast about having tens of thousands of apartment listings from hundreds of landlords. (sometimes hundreds of thousands!)

Really????? …. then why is it so hard to find and apartment in this town? They claim to have more agents than any other office. They do, but do you really want to work for a real estate sweat-shop cramped into an office with scores of aggressive agents fighting with you for clients, listings, and desk space? I didn’t think so. Every office has thousands of generic landlords and listings in common databases (we do too) These offices scramble for their own small piece of the big generic landlord pool that all the agencies fish in. Ask yourself, what type of landlord gives their listings to any agency that asks? Answer: desperate landlords.

Welcome to Fenway Properties! I have been a Boston real estate broker since 1985. I have built our very large trusted list of exclusive landlords for 28 years! And our property management division manages over 150 individual condominiums in Boston, Brookline and Cambridge and we have the exclusive right to rent these great condos. We are also the only full service real estate company in the entire West Fenway. However, do not let our name suggest to you that we rent and sell in Fenway ONLY. We have hundreds of preferred landlords and owners all over the Boston area! Our office is very spacious, sunny, and a pleasure to work in. We have an office assistant and an office manager to train you and get on your way making great money quickly. We only have a few agents, our team, and now and we are looking to add a few more team members.

Are you that person? If so, please be smart, articulate, fun to work with, sales oriented and looking to make money!! All you will need is a MA RE license and clean vehicle. (and parking is easy!) The next move to starting a great career in real estate is a phone call away.  Make your move today!  CLICK HERE TO APPLY.